Talent is an issue on everyone’s agenda. Especially in the Connection Economy.
“We’re good enough, therefore we’re old enough”. – The voice of the Young Snots.
“Call me by my first name – I know I have to earn your respect”. – The voice of a Savvy Boss.
Some companies feel like managing talent is just like herding cats. We’d like to suggest it’s not about trying to herd cats. You need new stategies. The danger is trying to offer perks, and attemting to strangle them once they’re in.
Where are you?” – the mobility factor. Today’s talent can conduct business from anywhere, say the front of a conference room for example (a random example). Young people graduate to the world. See what Wikipedia has to say about talent here.
We hope to prepare business in terms of attracting, retaining and nurturing this talent.

They’re also a Gaming Generation. Their virtual reality interacts with their ‘real-life’ reality. Games have taught our young people how to learn from their mistakes.
“If at first you don’t succeed, learn from it and try again”.
Failure IS an option.

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