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These people were frozen while they waited for medical science to discover two things:
1) How to cure the disease that killed them.
2) How to resuscitate people who have been cryogenically frozen.
As I read the article I wondered if the son ever thought that by the time they had discovered the solutions to these two things they will probably also be able to deal will a little temporary defrosting. And as he realised that….how much of a prat did he feel like for pushing the ‘Ignite’ button

Cryonics founders cremated
March 19 2006
Two founder members of the cryonics movement – whose members are frozen after death – have been cremated after a freezer mishap. The bodies of Raymond Martinot and his wife Monique were stored in a freezer with the hope that modern science could one day and revive them. But, two decades after his mother’s body was put into cold storage, their son discovered the freezer unit had broken down, reports the Guardian. Rémy Martinot said he had no choice but to cremate his parents’ bodies after the technical fault had seen their temperatures rise above the constant level required of -65C. “I don’t feel any more bereaved today than I did when my parents died, I had already done my grieving,” he said. “But I feel bitter that I could not respect my father’s last wishes. Maybe the future would have shown that my father was right and that he was a pioneer.” Raymond Martinot spent years preparing for his demise in the belief that if he was frozen scientists would be able to bring him back to life by 2050. However his wife, Monique Leroy, died first, in 1984, and was the first to enter the freezer unit in their Loire Valley chateau. In 2002 Dr Martinot died of a stroke, aged 84, and his son followed his orders to inject him with the same anti-coagulants and store him alongside.

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