KFCI was fascinated yesterday while reading through my local Caxton newspaper to see a brochure from KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) on their latest offering….oven grilled chicken. WOW!!! In a world marinated (literally) in junk foods, fast foods, flavourants and the like, this is an interesting new strategy from the colonel. What I find most interesting is that they are punting the new option as “a matter of taste”. This may be a marketing faux pas, it does imply that their other offering (deep fried, cholesterol filled, artery hardening option..) doesnt taste as good, but whatever the case this is an interesting move on their part. So what would be the reasoning:

  • They have realised that people are more health conscious and hence have made the change?
  • They dont want to become a target of Michael Moore’s or Morgan Spurlock’s (Director of Super Size me) latest movie in the next year ?
  • They realise that their food is not great for people who eat it on an ongoing basis and hence want to offer an alternative to the deep fried offering so when someone does sue them (as is the case in the US with McDonalds) they can say they did try to offer a “healthier” option?

Whatever the case, I say well done to KFC, they are starting to get it, people want food that gives them valuable nutrients and not just great tasting fats and flavourants. Now all they need to do is get rid of those pesky fizzy drinks.

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