HierarchyWe’ve just had a new manager join the team at the company I’m working for. To give you a bit of background … I joined this company because it’s small and creative and there were no heirarchies or political games. (Well – ok, there is always some level of politics …)
He’s been here for 2 weeks and 3 days … and already he is planning on adding in a new level of “management”. And so it begins … the heirarchy is coming. (Whether I like it or not.)
But I can’t help thinking … why is this the first exercise new management like to do? (The good old restructure!) Sure, I’m all for change – change can be invigorating and good. But I can’t help wondering if change for the sake of it is just plain old counter productive.
I’m still on the fence as to whether this will be a constructive move (maybe I will be proved wrong about my cynical outlook!) … I guess I’ll just watch from the sidelines and try to embrace the new tower!

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