New research has proven what we’ve been saying for some time: that technology (and innovation) is not the key to successful corporate renewal or knowledge management. The real key to success is PEOPLE. Intellilink Solutions puts it this way:

Knowledge management is not only about information; it is also about the people you have recruited, trained, developed, and promoted within your organization. KM involves not only the implementation of a software system; it involves understanding your business needs, your organization’s culture, and your personnel. To succeed, any KM initiative requires that you know your people and clearly define the behaviors that need to be changed or reinforced.

(read full report here).
They go on to suggest that there are five key steps to successful implementation of a knowledge management system:

  • Understand key business drivers.
  • Get executive sponsorship.
  • Analyze knowledge.
  • Provide rewards and recognition.
  • Implement in phases.

Its not rocket science, but so many companies forget the human element.

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