At, we talk a lot about talent. We have three specific angles: (1) Winning the Talent Wars – the organisational message, to help companies create the right climate for attracting and retaining talent, (2) Prime Time – how to get the best out of your established talent, the nearly retired (or re-tyred!!) Boomers, and (3) Being Talented – a message to young talent themselves.
Sometimes we are misinterpreted at saying that companies need to create a cushy environment, with jacuzzi’s, half day jobs and Hawaii-themed luncheons every Friday (you know what I mean). This couldn’t be further from the truth. Athough we do feel strongly that the workplace environment must change dramatically, there is nevertheless the need for MORE focus on high performance than ever before. Companies that need talent invariably end up being quite brutal environments – at least for those who are not really talented!
Timed for release on Valentine’s Day, the quirkily named “Personnel Today’s Tough Love survey” (read it here) looked at performance management. Its a great read, and argues that not dealing with underperformance is a critical weakness in a talent management environment.

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