It was announced today that the new daily Joburg newspaper, Nova, is no more. After just four and a half months, it is closing up shop. (Read more here).
The paper was aimed at “upwardly mobile young professionals”. Who are they? That is an outdated demographic (a Boomer phraseology). They were attempting to convert their “target market” (who uses words like that to describe their clients?) from non-newspaper readers, and sell them a daily paper-based information source. They didn’t even manage to get their website domain ( is an electrical lighting company).
Besides the usual start up hassles, and what appears to have been a weak marketing team, this looks like a really silly adventure by a deluded industry. One media representative even said today, “this does not spell the end of newspapers”. Sure, not today, anyway…. but, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!
Today’s young people have access to the Internet on their cellphones. They can check out Google news, and even set Google alerts to have it sent to them. They get info from blogs, and subscribe to RSS feeds that push the news to them.
Ok, I am being simplistic to make a point, but I’d humbly suggest that any idiot could have told you that Nova wouldn’t work. Not in the form it took, nor in the market it targeted.

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