If you’re wondering what convergance looks like in the entertainment space, look no further than iTunes, iPods and Apple. It’s not breaking news, but iTunes now allows you to download music, movies and TV (if you didn’t know the latest iPod allows you to watch video as well as look at pictures and listen to music)
According to a post on ZDNet the relationship between iTunes and TV is working out….

Television networks took a leap into the unknown when they started selling their shows on Apple Computer’s iTunes online store, but even in these early days, it’s starting to look as if that faith in digital downloads was well-placed.

I still have one very un-answered question for the entertainment industry… why, when your business model is crumbling all around you, and you’re resorting to extremely desperate measures to hold on through your draconian behaviour, and you see a bright shining star like iTunes, don’t you hop on board and allow them to lead you to a new paradigm?
Who on the planet would have thought that just 3 years ago that a computer company like Apple would do what it’s doing to the entertainment industry. From computer company to worlds biggest online entertainment content provider. In fact if iTunes started providing porn they’d probably clean up in that category as well. It’s a wonderfully, amazing, fast paced world. And I get to play in it. Yes puleeeeze!
Oh and one last prediciton for iTunes’ next move…. a strategic relationship with someone like Flickr.

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