Would you invest money in Colin Fitz-Gerald….

“I’m currently launching RoofShout.com with no money, no real experience running a business on the internet, and no real solid business plan,” Fitz-Gerald said. “But I figure there’s a lot of blank roofs and a lot of advertising that could go on the roofs.”

I’m not sure I would, but what criteria do you use when making a decision about investing in a roof advertising company? Roof advertising? Not for planes or parachutests. But for Google Earth and Microsoft’s Live Local.
RoofShout.com isn’t the only one doing this. There’s also RoofAds as well.
In fact we’re thinking of purchasing RoofBuzz.com in anticipation of this being the next big thing! We figure that if Wired Online carries a story like this, with a guy talking about starting a business with credentials like that, then anything is possible and we’re going to be ready for it. Colin watch out, we’re watching you from the sky!

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