Teenage computer usersI read TechCrunch. It’s a blog, wirtten by Mike Arrington, that documents and reviews newly released second-generation (Web 2.0) Internet companies. If you have any interest in the evolving relational Web, I’d advise checking it out.
Recently Mike did a feature on online file storage companies (read it here). This post is not about online file storage though, it’s about someone I discovered because he did the research for the post on TechCrunch. Mike was particularly complimentary of this paerson, so I thought I’d check out his site. This is what I found:

“I like to read, and I like the outdoors. I like to discuss abstract and genuine life issues but to a perceivable end. I love looking at the bare sky in a desert night. I like anything that’s fast. I like to watch and analyze movies. I think too much sometimes. Music is something of great importance to me. My philosophy on music is that it all just depends on the song; I don’t necessarily stick with one genre or band.

I’m interested in business. I deeply believe in honesty. I stand strong for a meaningful cause. I’d be willing to risk a lot for a firm belief. I love helping people. I aspire to be more goal-oriented and initiative. I wish to improve my conversational skills.
I was on the way to becoming a lifeguard when I reached a personal block that I hope to surpass in the future. I swam competitively for almost 9 years. I assisted in teaching swimming lessons to kids and I helped acquaint a group of 4-year-olds to water. I have level 4 canoeing; I like kayaking better. I enjoy sailing and boat trekking. I love riding jet skis and ATV’s. I have scuba dived, para-sailed, surfed, jet-skied, and enjoyed a helicopter trip in Maui, Hawaii.
I’m a perfectionist in practically every aspect of life, which is something that really holds me back. My art talent is nonexistent: the best I could do is draw stick people. I have a slight fear of heights. I dislike bogus friendliness and almost anything else that isn’t genuine. I dislike politics. I hate, absolutely hate smoking. I dislike alcohol. I am also a Counselor Idealist. I am a nonconformist.”

The significance of this little intro? Well, it belongs to the mind of a teenager. Adam Bouskila is seventeen years old. I was struck by his maturity and open-mindedness. And then I realised that his voice resonates deeply with a handful of really exceptional young people I’ve met recently. Not driven by money or success, these kids, at all of seventeen years old, care only for MEANING. Check out his site here.
It’s guys and girls like Adam that you need to be hiring. Heck, you should be meeting them while they’re at school, and learning from them. Tapping into their global consciousness, and finding ways to create an environment that will support and nourish this emerging brand of creativity.

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