SAAIn the SAA lounge await flight 572 to Jhb. A bit grumpy to boot as who wants to be in the lounge on a Sunday afternoon (missing the finish of the A1 GP round the streets of Durban) anyway!
My flight is due to depart at 17:40. 17:40 comes around and there has been no announcement. Knowing that flight SA 570 has just been called is not a good sign as by anyone’s logic this is an earlier flight and I would guess by some distance.
I go to the lounge desk and ask what is going on only to be told…
“Sorry Sir, your flight has not yet left Jhb”. Unbelievable! Here we are facing at least a 90 minute delay and SAA have not even had the courtesy to announce a delay. I ask why no announcement and am told that they (SAA lounge staff) haven’t received any official notice and that once the flight has taken off from Jhb they will be able to give an eta. Well of course…but how about simply informing us of the situation as it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do the maths as to the extent of the delay? Of course such logic and concern falls on deaf ears and the suggestion that they inform their clients is met with blank stares and no action. So here I sit…still in the lounge…still none the wiser…and longing for the government to stop covering for the shambles that is SAA so that they will be forced to get their act together!

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