“How do you deal with a generation that has had their parents take care of all their problems when they face disappointment in the workplace?”
This is a question most HR Managers are asking themselves in the US and soon in SA as they increasingly have to deal with winging moms and dads. They can expect to receive calls concerning anything from a promotion that didn’t happen, or review that was ‘not a fair reflection of my son’s perfomance’. In the US where Baby Boomers are now having their 20 year olds in the world of work are treating their kids’ employers the same way they have dealt with their Kindergarten Teachers, Baseball Coaches and University Professors.

“Companies are just now waking up to the havoc that the newest generation of workers is causing in their offices.” FastCompany Article

Boomers have been known to be over protective over their children as they seek to give them the best that the world can offer. This new trend of treating employers as school teachers includes making nonstop calls until they are heard, sending nasty emails and threatning legal action. Now this behaviour is not one associated with a majority of Baby Boomers in South Africa but one cannot rule it out.
So before you carelessly fill that review, think of the candidates mom, then make your mark!

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