“All the world’s a stage”
eBay, the world’s online auction place, continues to provide amazing 21st century “village square” stories. There are a number of people selling left over, or completely uneaten, Christmas meals. One item caught my attention: a single Brussel Sprout (see auction here). Cooked (for 6 minutes in lightly salted water, we are told) and frozen. Now awaiting sale. It eventually fetched £ 99.95!! The funds were donated to charity. In the process of the bidding, a refrigerated truck driver offered to fetch and deliver the item anywhere in the UK for free! (Oh, and as I did my eBay search, I found many more other Brussel Sprouts for sale, most fetching about £5).
Why, you ask? Because eBay is not just an auction site. It is the “village square”. Its a giant flea market, not just with stalls and shoppers, but also with entertainers, and a few village idiots. And, while you’re out having fun, you’ll probably feel OK parting with some money to support a good cause or to pay an entertainment for a monet of frivolity. eBay proves you can do that online, too.
Its a strange world.

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