Tsunami warningSitting in a lecture at the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific in Bangkok listening to David Hastings talking about the tsunami that devestated this region on the 26th December 2004. Some interesting insights are emerging as to the systems in place through technology and networks that are designed to alert the region to the constant threat of tsunamis. When an earthquake occurs it takes three readings before the size and character of the quake can be determined. This got me thinking about personal feedback…
When one gets feedback that is ‘confirmed’ three times then perhaps it becomes possible to determine the ‘character’ of the feedback and respond accordingly. This offers a useful person check in utilizing feedback for personal development. Just a thought.
The other thing to stand out from what Hastings said was that there are times when the network fails to work – when a warning is not passed on – based on political or regional sensitivities. Hard to imagine that one country would intentionally withhold information that might save lives concerning a looming natural disaster but it seems that is indeed the case. Again, considering toxic personal networks that may exist within a corporate environment, perhaps it is not that hard to imagine the failure of the network in this regard!

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