The Wise Marketer today, gives a summary of Foxhound‘s top ten marketing trends for the year ahead. Read it here.
Its a short read that will get you thinking, and prove again that the focus is moving to connections, rather than impressions. I have listed the headings below, and as you will see, each is written so as to show a move from an existing trend to its extension in 2006. I think they’re all pretty accurate trends.

1. New market concepts instead of new products
2. Consumer insights instead of market research
3. Communities instead of blogs
4. Point-of-view instead of messaging
5. Meaning-making instead of promoting
6. Teach me instead of tell me
7. Salons instead of conferences
8. Podcasts instead of webinars
9. Behavioural targeting instead of demographics
10. Voices of customers instead of voice of the company

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