United AirlinesOne piece of advice: Thinking about booking with UA? Don’t – Not if there’s the slightest chance you may have to call their ‘customer service’ in Dublin.
For the past 3 months I have spent my Saturday morning on hold , listening to the same operatic track only to be relieved by a new wierd dialect of English. Based in Eastpoint BusinessPark, their customer malservice has so far racked up the following on me: agents whom you have to explain criteria of your ticket to, on a premium rate number nonetheless, almost 100% failiure to follow up on promises to call me back re queries they were unable to answer, the loss of my registered delivery airline ticket
and it mysteriously turning up 3 days later after UA being informed by Irish Post that one of their representatives had signed for said letter, and now the DOUBLE
charging of my credit card through erronously reissuing my ticket twice.

I think my last call to UA just about tops the bill:
Me: So which ticket is the correct one?
Agent of UA: The first one
Me: So why was another ticket sent out?
Agent of UA: Mistake
Me: So you’re sure, the first one is still valid?
Agent of UA: No, send back the first one
Me: Well why should I send back either to you, it was your mistake to send out 2
(Long Pause) Agent of UA: Sorry
Me: So have I been charged twice for this?
Agent of UA: No
etc etc
Upshot is I have been charged twice and no closer to finding out which if any reissue is valid- Please don’t book with UA – they hire people who have no desire to do their job and who seem to spend their hours flying paper aeroplanes.
The good news?? They’re outsourcing to Poland next week

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