The Dec 2005 Inc magazine has a great article on Point B, a consulting company with over 200 employees, and no office premises at all. In addition to their virtual nature, they also have a specific approach to their staff and consulting work, preferring to keep everything local, rather than moving consultants around the country.
They’ve had to battle client perceptions about size and capability, but with a few big contract successes under their belt, they’re showing that their approach is working. A good story, worth a read – here.
In the magazine, they include three specific guidelines for virtual companies:

  • Be selective — not all employees can handle freedom. Point B relies heavily on referrals and hires candidates who have excellent credentials and a zest for life.
  • Make it fun — to foster camaraderie and boost morale, Point B foot the bill any time co-workers get together to catch a Seattle Mariners game, say, or attend a concert.
  • Share information — Point B’s online database allows employees to browse for new client projects and update their profiles to reflect their changing interests and goals.
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