CommunicationFor the last couple of weeks I have been milling with a question in my mind.
Are there rules for blogging?
People that are being communicated to, how do they receive information?
Sometimes in life all you need is half a sentence, other times a couple of hours to get the message across and then there are times the audience just does not understand/grasp what is being conveyed to them.

For successful communication what do you need and do you always need it?
Is there a difference between, hearing, listening, understanding, agreeing?
I’m hearing what you say
I’m listening to you
I’m understanding what you said
I’m agreeing with what you saying
The above responses do not mean you have successfully communicated:
I hear you but don’t understand/agree with you
I agree with what you are saying but I don’t really understand why
I listening, but now what do you want me to do with this communication?
I hear you, but it went in one ear and out the other
When you are communicating, what response do you need to know the audience has understood what you are saying?
Does the way one receives communication depend on what is happening in their lives and thus, interpret communications according to their current state of mind, and what makes one check what is being communicated to them from previous experiences? If the person has nothing to connect the communication to, what do they do with it?
Do we have different rules between verbally communicating and writing? Short answer is YES. Do we have different rules between blogging and writing? Short answer I think is YES.
What makes one stop and take notice of a communication?
What are the communication game rules? We know the traditional rules but what are the rules for blogging?
Where and how does blogging fit into all of this? If blogging is one of the ways people are going to use to communicate with in the future how do we do it successfully.
In a nut shell, at school I was taught how to talk and how to write with a pen. How to right different types of letter, e.g. a letter to a friend is different as a letter to the bank manager (note: you can see I am not 18 as when I went to school the bank manager had some power and was considered someone one would write to (before computer forms :-), now a computer make the decisions). So what are the rules? for today’s forms of communication? If we do not have rules to communicate correctly, we’ll continue to misinterpret the information.
All these questions and where do I go to for the answers?

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