Here is thought that I put here, because I have nowhere else to leave it, and I am not sure what can be done with it…
Throughout the ages, the rich in societies have been able to enhance their lives. In ages past, the rich have had superior access to those things that enhance life: education, literacy, cleanliness, health, food, medicine, even religion. But today, all such advantages are being spread to a much broader class, which includes the “middle class”, and it shall probably be this next decade that sees more than half the world’s population belonging to this group. A group that takes many of these advantages for granted.
But what do the rich have today? What advantage do they have that is not available to the middle class, or to some ambitious and talented poor person?

I wondered about “time” as an answer. But it seems to me as if the tables have turned. 100 years ago, the rich were the “leisure class”, and factory workers sweated from dark to dark every day. Now, labour unions have restricted the labourers working hours to shifts not often longer than 8 hours at a time, while their white collar bosses spend 12 hours a day or more in their chrome and glass offices – and that’s before they pack their laptops and PDAs into their briefcases and head for what they might call “home”. So, “time”, it is not.
I wondered about “entertainment”. The rich have always been able to pay enough to get the best entertainers. Today, though, we pay our best entertainers enough to be rich. And everyone can see them in action for a few dollars an hour. Bollywood makes more movies than Hollywood. And so it goes. No, entertainment is open to all.
What is it then, that the rich have today?
I keep thinking….

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