Google et alSo has Google’s purchase of AOL for $1Billion brought it it into the fully capitalist fold, thereby undermining its “Do No Evil” motto? Matt Asay would have us believe so in this post at InfoWorld’s blog.
December 17, 2005
Google sells its soul for a mess of pottage
So, Google got the Time Warner deal. For what? $1B and its soul, according to the New York Times:
Google, which prides itself on the purity of its search results, agreed to give favored placement to content from AOL throughout its site, something it has never done before.
The lesson? Never, ever trust a capitalist who pretends to be otherwise. “Do no evil” was a catchy slogan for Google, but one that it was willing to sell for a few bucks.
For all those who thought Google was somehow different, I’m sorry. I can hear your idealism dying from here. For those who knew better, there’s not much to cheer about in this, is there? Google has just opened the floodgates to a very profitable, “happy to do evil” business.
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