South Africa is home to only one fixed-line-operator. It’s name is Telkom and it’s enjoyed this status for long enough to have generated a fair amount of frustrated customers.

Screw the public! Do we care? NO! Why? Look how much money we’re making!

As from today, I’ll add: and for being a “corporate bully” to the list.

Do not sign a contract for an ADSL line

There has been a strong campaign to alert the public of people’s frustrations. But are there other areas that can send the same message?
One of the issues people have when you talk to them is that there’s nowhere else to go. You can’t change to a competitor because there isn’t one. Here’s an interesting way to let Telkom know how you feel outside of attempts to create bad publicity through citizen and traditional media, change your accounts with companies that Telkom has business interests in.
For example, one of Telkom’s big investments is in Vodacom, one of three cellphone operators in South Africa. If all the frustrated Vodacom account holders moved their accounts to Cell C or MTN, a strong message would be sent via Vodacom to Telkom to get their house in order. I’ve never seen a campaign like this, but I’m fairly certain that if it were to happen, the financial pain would be a powerful strategy.

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