Brain ReactionsAnand Chatpar was recently acknowledged by BusinessWeek as one of the top 5 entrepreneurs of 2005 (under the age of 25).
His company, BrainReactions, “helps companies innovate new products, services and marketing concepts by conducting brainstorming sessions with the most creative, imaginative and unconstrained college students.” See how it works here.
From the BusinessWeek special report:

“Entrepreneur is no longer a dirty word,” says Gerald Hills, an entrepreneurship professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago and executive director of the Collegiate Entrepreneur’s Organization, a network of student groups on 500 college campuses. “It’s nearly what everyone thinks of when they think about opportunities. They think of entrepreneurs now.” Shorn of its stigma, the once-risky career route is now viewed as a positive calling, particularly given the wobbly economy and the no-longer-sacrosanct benefits of corporate life — pensions and job security are fast becoming relics of a bygone era.
Being an entrepreneur means making your own opportunities, and there’s no telling where a good idea can lead you.

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