I bought my daughter the DVD of ‘Finding Nemo‘ a few months ago (not sure when?). As all well watched DVD’s are destined to do, this one cracked, and is no longer playable.
So here’s my theory on DVD’s you purchased legally, breaking: I’ve paid for the right to watch ‘Finding Nemo’ through the medium of this DVD. When I went to wherever I ended up buying it, I paid predominately for the license and not the medium (DVD). Let’s face it, the physical cost of the DVD is negligible. Hence the entertainment industry up in arms at the moment. They’re trying to stop us from duplicating the ‘license’ and not the DVD. So in theory then, when my DVD breaks, they should charge me just for a new DVD and not a new license. After all my DVD broke, and not my license. But I’m prepared to bet that they’re going to tell me I have to buy a new license as well as a new DVD and so end up paying the full price. If that’s the case then in theory I have two licenses and can legally make a copy of the DVD. Right? Let’s see. I say let’s see, because I’ve done this before.

The software industry (Microsoft anyway) get this. I once damaged a Microsoft Office disc, phoned Microsoft, and they replaced the disc at a negligible fee, because I could show them the license, and they get this. They get it much better than the entertainment industry.
I’m going to track this entire journey through this post. Have fun with me. Let’s go…… My journey starts with the local distributors… Nu Metro
Any bets?

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