Santa iPodI just had a birthday. My amazing wife bought me an iPod Video. It replaces my iPod mini that’s given me hours of amazingness. I used my iPod mini for mostly travelling by plane to escape the mind-numbing experience of airline travel. As I discovered PodCasts I spent a lot less time listening to music, and a lot more time getting some great input from the various PodCasts I subscribe to. The iPod video will enhance my experience even more. (that’s the theory)
In our business we’ve started to video some of our presentations. We’re hoping it will not only share the knowledge of a virtual team, but act as a quality enhancement tool as well. We’ll now be able to give eachother contructive feedback on what we saw and heard.

I was sent a post from iPod Garage the other day, where a great case is made for using an iPod as a self-development tool. Specifically for audio books and podcasts. I couldn’t agree more.

These days being productive means using your time wisely. A small increase in productivity, a mere 1/1000th improvement, means that in less then 3 years you will double your productivity. That will put you as one of the top people in your field in a very short amount of time.

And that’s why you NEED an iPod for Christmas. Got that Santa?

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