PubI’m always on the look out for new ways people are viewing and using the world (paradigm shifts). In a world of discontinuous change they’re happening all around us. It’s in these spaces that we see new innovations as people’s minds are opened up to possibilities never before imagined, or if imagined, often ahead of their time.
It’s happening in Chicago, and it wont be long before it’s also happening in a pub near you. People are leaving the Juke Box and turning to the iPod. Here’s a great story, of a few pubs that allow customers to connect their iPod’s to their sound system in order to share their music with the rest of the pub. I’m not sure how it’s managed and if they have to bring in extra bouncers? Certainly some of my mates would require protection if they played their music in a public space.

The jukebox at the bar Brian Toro manages isn’t gathering dust just yet — but it may only be a matter of time. The popular nightspot is among a growing number of places across the country where people can bring their iPods and other portable music players and, for as long as the bartender allows, share their personal favorites with the crowd.

Yes puleeeze

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