Telkom IndonesiaSo Telkom has a VoIP solution called TelkomInternet Communicator. But here’s what I don’t understand….
* It’s essentially the same product as Skype or Google Chat. Why are they doing this? Did they pay someone to develop a product that is the same as Skype?
* While software like Skype and Google Chat are for everyone and anyone, Telkom is offering their product to their customers only? Why? You can communicate with the world through Skype, but only with other TelkomInternet users with their ‘Communicator’. Am I missing something here? Clearly.
* Is Telkom going to take on Google?
I visited their faq and found the following. Clearly they’ve tried to make their service offering so simple that people will flock toward it…

You can create you own online community of TelkomInternet Communicator users with up to 5 members, who are not necessarily Telkom Internet customers. These “non-TelkomInternet” members will have to be registered for the service by you as the principal user*. Only valid TelkomInternet customers may be principal users.
Once your Community members are registered, they are also allocated CHAT numbers, which you must share with them as the principal user. These members will then be able to log in to the TelkomInternet Communicator service and download their own Communicator soft phones. By doing so, you have a now created a community of users and any member in your community may communicate with any other member, including yourself, no matter where in the world they are. All you need to do is dial the member’s CHAT number from your communicator softphone.
*Note however that the principal user is solely for any misuse of the service and should ensure that their “MyCommunity” members abide by the terms and conditions of the service.

Do you think you have to check in your laptop before you use it?
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