Google foundersLike me, you’re probably bored of another Google ‘the destroyer’ story. But I found a great few paragraphs on Wired tonight outlining some of Google’s expansion and a brief summary of what they’re up to and who’s in trouble if they manage to Googalize the world. Click here for the detail.

In less than a decade, Google has gone from guerrilla startup to 800-pound gorilla. In some ways, the company is a gentle giant. Whereas Microsoft infamously smothered new and open standards, Google is famous for supporting them. And the firm is softening its image, launching a philanthropic arm,, with nearly $1 billion earmarked for social causes. But that doesn’t reduce the fear factor, and Google knows it. Omid Kordestani, the company’s global sales guru, said at a recent conference, “We’re trying to find ways so we are not viewed as a gorilla.” Given its outsize ambitions, that’s one search Google might not be able to handle.

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