Economy class seatsI have been on too many planes in the last 7 days. Probably a total of 40 hours actually sitting in the plane, let alone the airports and taxis. While doing so, I was reading an article about how TiVo 9and similar technologies) are causing great concern amongst advertisers. The ability for people to digitally control their TV watching, choosing to fast forward (or not even record at all) the adverts, is worrying. Early plans include paying people to watch adverts (or giving free TV to those who choose not to block out adverts).
Then, one of the pilots abused (!!) his position, and promoted a calendar through the PA system (OK, it was for animal welfare, but it was still abuse of his position). Then, a great thought came to me. Why not sell advertising on plane flights? You have a captive audience, most of whom have nothing better to do. Most adverts are better than the rubbish they normally show on short flights anyway. Why not designate certain flights on certain routes as “adverflights” and make them much cheaper than usual – advertising revenue pays the difference.
Hey. Whatever. Its just an idea, OK. Use it. Don’t use it. But if you do, remember that you heard it here first.

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