X-box 360So X-Box 360 has launched. I’m not sure what kind of hype came with it in the Northern Hemisphere, although clearly there are some that weren’t impressed, but down here in the south there’s been nothing, nada, zip, zero? Why? PSP launches around the world and we’re all over it. X-Box 360, we don’t hear anything. I’m not sure what Microsoft are thinking, but it’s seems a touch strange to me? Surely this was a great opportunity missed in SA?
The launch claims to have been the biggest gamer party ever, held in the Mojave Desert. Click here to see the video, or here for other links around the event.
If you’re looking for a write up on the X-Box 360, click here.
The question that remains is, whether or not X-Box 360 will be able to make significant in-roads into Sony Playstation’s dominance during the lead time they now have before Sony Playstation 3 is launched?’

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