Microsoft South Africa are currently running a series of radio and print ads. The theme is how “risky” it is to have unlicensed software. The pic attached here is of a shop left unattended and the door open. The radio slots include a person phoning a friend at the top of his voice and getting his bank card access PIN number shouted for everyone to hear. There are other similar ones, all related to being at risk.
You’re encouraged to ensure your software is licensed legally by going to a particular website. While I obviously believe that it is correct to have legal software (I disagree vehemently with the price one has to pay to GET legal, but that’s a different story), I cannot believe that the marketing crew at Microsoft genuinely (excuse the pun) believe that this ad campaign will elicit action. Seriously? Is it REALLY “risky” to have unlicensed software?
Why do companies think we are so stupid as consumers that they can tell us anything and we’ll just believe them?
Clearly the concept of having genuine software is a good one. But don’t insult my intelligence while telling me about it.

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