Posted on behalf of Glenda & Nicky –
FlyIn CT, most times when we need to have a meeting, our place of choice is Mugg & Bean. However, after my experience today, I might think twice about going to have something to eat there.My colleague, Nicky and I decided to share those really nice beef and chicken pockets – Jean from Pretoria introduced us to it. Fortunately Nicky is watching her weight and didn’t want to eat all the pita. She carefully opened the pockets and removed the filling – and then – BANG – there it was – roasted to perfection – one big green fly.
Yuk!!! We were already half way through our meal and actualy didn’t know how many (if any) we consumed. Well, we certainly made our voice heard and stated that we weren’t paying for it.Now I’m wondering if a thousand apologies from M&B can erase the memory of that green fly nestled in the inside of the pita bread?? No, I think the memory will always be there – and we’ll keep the memory alive by telling the tale (for a long while) to whomever we have a meal with.So, a word of caution “Don’t go to M&B hungry and check your food before diving into it”

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