Following up a post on ?ic about Sony over the weekend, here are some of today’s posts on various sites.
Sony logo* Wired News – Boycott Sony

After weeks of criticism, Sony has finally agreed to temporarily stand down on an abusive and likely illegal copy restriction practice. Hold the applause.

* – Sony’s CD scheme backfires

Record label’s rootkit-like copy protection comes under more fire, as businesses consider banning CDs with it from office computers because of the security risk they pose.

* BoingBoing – Sony anti-customer technology roundup and time-line

Since Hallowe’en, we’ve been posting the details about he revelations relating to Sony’s DRM systems, which show jaw-dropping contempt for their customers, for copyright law, for fair trading and for the public interest.

* – Sony’s new name, to some: ‘Sory’

Sony’s precipitous fall from grace in the last few years is beginning to feel like a Greek tragedy.

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