SonyHow does a company who so often has been on the cutting edge of innovation and known for delighting their customers with some of the most amazing gizmos and gadgets get it so wrong? Personally I think they’ve moved a bunch of accountants and lawyers into their R&D labs and some of the crazies and hackers out.
We all know the media world is in crisis. People downloading their stuff all over the place, ripping, burning, copying, sending, and in the eyes of the media mogules, doing anything but buy their stuff. So they start to panic and freak out, and find new ways to do things (kudos to you for getting off your large, very wealthy butts). But instead of being the innovative and creative people we thought they were, many of them have chosen the route of criminalising their customers and potential customers. It’s beeeoootiful isn’t it.
Here are two new editions to this unfolding drama:

Firstly: Sony patents technology that means that you can only play the game you purchase on the first console you play it on? (click here for the story).
I enjoyed the comment on BoingBoing around this story… “it’s very consistent with Sony’s ongoing contempt for its customers.”
Secondly: Sony suspends the manufacture of their copyright protection CD’s containing XCP technology because it creates a security risk for Windows PC’s. Click here for the full story.
Again the BoingBoing story carried a note-able line, “If you want to have a safe experience with Sony music, you’d better acquire it by some means other than purchasing it.”

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