shopriteThis week I wrote about how CEO evaluation is not geared enough towards talent attraction, development and utilisation. Read it here – Chicken or Egg. Talent or Profit?. So, in keeping an eye out for CEO evaluation content I found an article in the October 26 FinWeek that profiles the role of succession planning as a key criteria for CEOs.
The core of the article is about how CEOs should be focussed on succession planning, which then has an impact on developing internal candidates, which then in turn results in spotting talent. Shoprite CEO Whitey Basson said something interesting,
But we must expect to train more than we lose …
This approach is most unlike most CEOs views. Often the excuse leaders use when faced with BYT’s leaving their employ is this, “Why should we throw ourselves at a sinking ship?” Perhaps Basson’s view is more of what need if we’d like to create envirnments in which our talent will choose to stay with us?

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