ApathyLately I’ve been wondering if we are using our “voices” as much as we should be. (Or in the right ways?) There is so much “communication” happening these days (what with blogging, texting, emailing etc) … but how much of it is being heard?
Maybe it’s just my experience over these past few weeks that’s coloured my outlook on this …
I was catching my daily train through to Waterloo a few weeks back and thanks to the ever increasing “signal failures” we were being pushed and shoved onto trains like cattle. (Actually, had we been cattle there probably would have been animal rights groups all over the story!)
Instead everyone just stood there smelling the armpits of the person next to them. (seriously). And I thought to myself “Is no one going to do anything about this?” So I wrote a letter to the editor of one of London’s daily papers …
I know that it’s not going to change things overnight (or even at all) … but I thought that if I don’t speak up on this issue then how will anyone know that there is a problem?

What worries me the most however … is why is no one else speaking up?
Maybe this is just a “London” trend … but are we becoming an apathetic society? I hear lots of people moaning about issues amoungst themselves … but very little in the way of action towards change.
(As it turns out, another newspaper called wanting to do a follow up story. And the train company called to tell me “It’s not our responsibility … the government need to upgrade the stations.” Of course … it’s always someone else’s problem. )

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