I don’t often recommend a book before reading it myself, but this book has caught my eye, and I wanted you to know about it. I have ordered a copy, and will review it in detail in a few months’ time.
It is China’s Generation Y by Michael Stanat ( (get it online at Amazon.com).
The book is unique in that it is the first book written on China’s Generation Y and one of the few well-written non-fiction books written by a teenager (the author is 17). The book is based on extensive research sponsored by SIS International Research, New York (www.sisinternational.com) and assisted by CBC Market Research, Shanghai (www.cbcnow.com). Fun, fast, and captivating, China’s Generation Y is the ultimate guide that Westerners will need to be able to work with the leaders of the future.
The Publisher says:
“Growing up during the information age, China’s Generation Y (born between 1981 and 1995) is unlike any of its predecessors, sporting branded items and increasingly sharing some of the same ideas as Western youth. This generation of teenagers in China will most likely be the political and businessleaders of the world’s next superpower by the year 2025. Based on interviews and surveys conducted in Shanghai by the author, an American teenager, China’s Generation Y provides an exciting look into the lives and minds of China’s youth, showing Western readers who they are, how they got there, and where they are headed. The book brings to life the influences on them – political, cultural, family, economic, and environmental – in such a way that it truly provides a rare glimpse into the minds of today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders. China’s Generation Y is not only for those who seek to acquaint themselves with this crucial generation, but also for business leaders who wish to cater to the up-and-coming Chinese consumers. Informative and stimulating, this first-of-its-kind book opens up a new horizon for many in the West who will ultimately meet the need and challenge of this emerging Chinese generation.”
See also the book’s official website: http://www.chinageny.com/ – (not Firefox compatible – go to http://www.chinageny.com/html/main.html).

Gen Y in Facts
– There are approximately 367 million people under the age of 18 in China, much greater than the entire population of the U.S.
– China’s Gen Y is itself composed of approximately 200 million individuals between the ages of 15 and 25.
– Each year, four times as many students in China become engineers than do U.S. students, placing the U.S.’s technological and scientific superiority in jeopardy. Economists use this statistic as an indicator for possible future breakthroughs.
– China’s Gen Y teens are significantly more entrepreneurial and capitalistic than their parent generation, and with market reforms, can more easily become entrepreneurs.
– Annually, approximately twenty million individuals in China become of teenage age.
– China’s Gen Y is by far more connected to the Internet and by mobile phones than any older generation in China.
– One study found that Gen Y single children often consume an astonishing 50% or more of family expenditure in some major cities. Other surveys confirm the findings.
– China’s youth generally know more about Westerners than Westerners know about them.
PRAISE FOR CHINA’S GENERATION Y – from the publisher’s website.
Stanat’s work is a laudable contribution, as it provides a comprehensive study on China’s Generation Y, ranging from its socio-political consequences to the generational gap and the economic factors that ensue. This research builds a more nuanced and objective understanding of this generation.
— Eva H. Shi, former editor-in-chief, Harvard Asia Pacific Review
As someone who lived and worked in China for several years [as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company in Beijing], I was struck by how closely Michael Stanat’s accounts resonated with my own observations and experiences.
— Christopher J. Fry, president, Strategic Management Solutions Group
For American companies who want to capitalize on the purchasing power of China’s Gen Y, this book is a must-read. The author clearly dispels the myths of Gen Y in China, so Americans beware: China’s youth today will propel its nation to be a global economic giant tomorrow.
— Lee-En Chung, P.E.
Michael Stanat has probably seen more of the world in his short life than most adults ever will. His combination of facts and impressions of China and its youth make for a quick and fascinating read that will help you prepare for the inevitable upheaval that has already begun.
— Ira Schloss, director of corporate planning, Thomas Publishing Co.
Michael Stanat combines a thorough appreciation of the political and economic background to China’s Generation Y with a deep personal understanding of this new generation.
— Joachim E. Seydel, International Research Consultant, London
Michael has captured China Gen Y’s zest for technology, entrepreneurship and capitalism. Similar to the teenagers, the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Internet in China are working out their true value and identity under strict regulations and heavy censorship. The 21st century will provide us with a truly globalized financial industry, in which China’s Generation Y will play an important role. Special kudos to Stanat for bringing to light this generation and its future potential in world markets.
— June Klein, CEO, Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc. and author, Evolution of Trading

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