GraduatesWhile many of us speculate, comment and muse on the future, there is a 50/50 chance we could be right, more likely an 80/20 chance we could be wrong, who predicted blogging would be so big?, or that the web would become so pervasive or even, more sinister, who could have predicted that the 9/11 attacks would take place (Funny thing, Clem Sunter actually DID predict this in one of his books on scenario planning!!) However, being a futurist is not an exact science!
So what is it that everyone wants to be a futurist? We all probably like the idea of looking beyond the horison and feel somewhat proud when our trend reading ability comes true and our predictions manifest themselves.
The role of futurist has become somewhat common nowadays and it seems that most corporates have a resident futurist in their hallowed halls. According to a Fast Company article, the next step is to become a qualified futurist. It seems that there is a drive to make the field more formal in its qualification and it is hoped that by 2009, there should be a formal course and recognised qualification on the table.
So, to all of us armchair futurists, there may be some interesting future (no pun intended) for looking into the great beyond, but then again, I think if you are reading this, you will agree already.

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