dollarsMaybe not in Africa, but Reuter’s reports that Weblogs Inc., Jason Calacanis’ blog network, has been purchased by AOL. The sale marks the first major deal signed between a blog network and a mainstream media corporation.
The pricetag? USD25 million. Not bad going.
But why would AOL take interest in a blog network? Well, let’s take a closer look at Weblogs Inc. Jason Calcanis has networked more than 80 blogs in categories ranging from business and tech, to wellness, gaming, and more. The network caters for:

Bloggers: Great bloggers with great ideas get paid to blog with Weblogs Inc.
Readers: Weblogs Inc. guarantees readers the 100% unfiltered truth, no regulation, no censorship, just transparency.
Marketers: Famous Weblogs Inc. blogs such as Engadget and Joystiq receive hundreds of thousands of readers everyday. Weblogs Inc. translates readership into marketing potential.
So if blog networks are being bought by monolithic media giants, does that make blogging mainstream media?
If yes, why the hell aren’t you blogging?
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