OutfoxedI found a link to the OutFoxed site listed on a Social Network Analysis Community. It’s an interesting concept, and I remember reading a related article in Time magazine not too long ago about how social networking and trusted referrals may revolutionise the marketing industry. The main premise was that people usually prefer to support a business that was recommended by a trusted friend, and that marketing executives should try to harness the power of these trusted social networks. OutFoxed seems to be based on the same principle, but applied to web content.
This is the introduction they have on their web site:
” There are over 8 billion web pages. Most of them suck. Outfoxed uses your network of trusted friends and experts to help you find the good stuff and avoid the bad.”
Go have a look on http://getoutfoxed.com – I think this is an interesting tool to play around with (have a look at the Visualization Demo).

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