3 laptops. R 1,000. 3 days to create a sustainable business.
Four young SA entrepreneurs are taking business to the extreme.
From their press release:

How many times do we talk about the ‘great idea’ around the braai? How many times do we say ‘Sheez man, I thought of that idea first, and if only I had acted upon it!’? Mostly, we are limited by time. Our normal jobs or family lives prevent us from acting upon the ‘Eureka’ bright spark that we had in the shower, or in traffic, or lying in bed at three in morning. Well, what if time was not part of the equation?

Jon Hughes, Shane Dryden, Fred Roed and Andrew Smith are meeting at Kayos Casting (The River Club, Cape Town) between 6-8 October to bring life to the extreme business concept. They’re all Internet and marketing geeks who have a desire to walk the talk. On the first morning the team will get together for a meeting, put ideas on the table and choose a product that may be viable to sell on the internet. They will then start the business by formulating a strategy, creating the website, developing an e-commerce platform and making sales – all within 3 days.
The event will be filmed, and updates will be available on the internet at the Extreme Business site. Wanting to sponsor the event? Get involved by contacting the Extreme Business team go to the website.
All proceeds from the sponsorship of the event will go to Autism Western Cape – see www.autismwesterncape.org.za
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