buzzwordThere are many buzzwords that we use to describe our approach to business and how we think commercial activity should be, or shouldn’t be, run. Every now and then I like to stake a step back from my language and that of my colleagues (you included!) and listen out for the “storiesâ€? that are indicative of our position/s.
So, what do I hear?

I hear stories of Change, Enterprise, Solutions, Diversity and of Talent – to name but a few. I like to use the metaphor of “story� as a way of hearing how people make sense/meaning of their experiences. So, I don’t use the word “story� as in stories of Goldilocks and Snow White, but instead as vehicles of meaning. I don’t believe that words are innocent – they have real effects in creating and holding our world together.
So, in a few bite-sized blog entries on ?ic I’ll be “Taking a step back …� from our language of business concepts and profile the stories I hear revolving around change, enterprise, talent etc. in a Narrative framework (check out Narrative approaches and Dulwich Centre for more info on Narrative). Hopefully this series will develop into a Knowledge Community offering where we can come together as a community and share our stories of meaning.
Watch this space over the next few days (and keep an eye out on for more opportunities to get stuck into Narrative).

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