India risingFor those of you who are unaware of it, India is on the rise. I saw this first hand when visiting there recently. Not only is the fact that on average, the Indian guys are reasonably well educated, the also tend to work hard. While chatting to some local Indian guys at the hotel I stayed at, they were saying that they earn on average R$7500 (Rupees) per month (Approx R 1200) However guys in the IT industry in India can earn up to R$ 50 000 (R 7800) per month, a marked difference. So there is huge incentive for these people to become qualified in IT and if that is so, it seems that the big Internationals are growing their footprint significantly according to a recent ITweb article. My question is, why cant we emulate this success here, we have similar challenges to India, here is where we are similar and how India seems to have solved these issues:
Diverse population: India has made English the business standard and accepts people from all backgrounds in general
Multiple languages: English has become the de facto standard
High Unemployment: Government has REALLY got behind job creation and has made it attractive for multinationals (Microsoft, Oracle etc ) to invest
These are just some examples of what can be done, I think we in SA could easily emulate the sucesses of India. So come on, lets try it! Who knows, it may just work

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