Blog this guyTechweb news – Blogs are being read more than double from last year. According to Forrester research, 10% of consumers in the States read blogs once a week or more, that up from 5% who browsed blogs the previous year. RSS has tripled in the same period up to 6% this year. Watch this space, it seems more of you will be in future.
So what does this mean to businesses. Well in short, it seems blogs are starting to be positioned as a very real way to talk to customers and get insights into their thoughts and concerns. It also provides a great feedback mechanism for companies in real time, in short, a marketers dream or in some cases a nightmare, depending on the type of feedback you are getting. It seems blogs are picking up some momentum, so what are the views, should our big corporates in SA get started on blogs, and who will be the first to get them going, Herman Singh of Std bank has one, who will be next…I think we all need to remember that it is not a race, but a journey, blogging though is simply one of the routes..

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