Tap, no waterLook I don’t know what’s happening in this town? I just moved 600km to the heart of the South African economy, and into a suburb with a group running it who have an interesting sense of humour.
I kid you not, but I arrive home on night 3 (since the begining of the power outages) to find I have no water and my DSL connection is down. So I now have light, heat and sound, but no water or DSL.
Do these people sit in a room somewhere and say, “Look we’ve just hit them with 2 days of no power. They’re pretty rattled by that, so let’s push them over the edge by turning their water off, and will someone please call the phone company and tell them to cut DSL!”
I’m writting this on Day 4 (my DSL connection is back) but my water isn’t. I live in hope.

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