GI Bill stampHere’s a thought from the DeMoines Register: Its time for America to enact another GI Bill – to give free education to “veterans”, to upskill them for a new economic reality. The previous time this was done was for veterans of World War II, who needed to be upskilled after the war. Most of them fuelled the emerging Information era over the following decades.
Now that the Information Age is giving way to globalised Connection Economy, maybe its time to do this again. Or so this particular report urges. Read the article here.
“What’s needed is a new GI Bill of Rights for a new century. It wouldn’t be just for veterans, but for any American worker who loses a job or simply wants to upgrade skills to get a better job. The concept has been called a GI Bill for workers. Any American who spends a given number of years in the workforce would be eligible…. Whatever the source of funds, retraining should be regarded as an entitlement that can pay for itself. That’s what happened with the original GI Bill.”

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