CartoonWe went out for dinner as a family last week. Nice venue, great welcome, drinks served and our meal ordered. Then came the wait and boy what a wait it was.
You know you’ve waited far to long for your food, when the conversation becomes slurred and your not sure if its from that extra glass of wine, or you’re falling asleep….
In the bill folder was an assessment form, which we filled in, complimenting them on the great meal, but the delivery of the same was much to slow.
One always wonders what happens to these forms, so imagine my surprise when 2 days later, I get an email, thanking me for taking the time to comment, admitting that they have had other comments on the slow delivery, and then proceeded to tell me 3 things they have initiated to address the problem.
I was really impressed at the turn around – “Poor Service but Great Management”
It’s amazing what a difference small things like this can do in a connection economy.
We will definitely go back for a meal, and tell their story. Well done Woodcutters.

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