SE P910iTonight while out with my family for dinner a wind and electrical storm did it’s thing outside. We only discovered this on the way home as we drove over bits of tree spread all over the road. We got home to no electricity, and true to what you might expect (don’t you hate that you can say that in SA) wasn’t able to get anyone on the phone at the Power Department to report the issue or get a status report.
Anyway the thing that was amazing (as you think back over the last 10 years) was that I sat in bed checking mail on my mobile phone. No power, no telephone line, no computer or laptop, just my trusty mobile phone. 44 messages read and processed (including spam), and I get to go to bed with Monday firmly behind me, in touch with everyone who had something to say to me.
These are those moments my children will take for granted and give that look I give my parents when one day I tell them about how “I remember a night back then, when we…..”
Viva technology viva.

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