Volvo for womenI found this post ( on Volvo presenting it’s first ever car designed by women. My first thought was ‘At last! Someone’s done it’, but as I read through the article I couldn’t shake a nagging thought.
We all know that we’re moving into the ‘age of women’ – from our natural abilities which align themselves to the connection economy, to the fact that we make/influence a huge percentage of purchases, to the fact that most small businesses are being started by women… The list keeps growing. And so on the surface it seems that Volvo is finally getting with the programme and catering to its largest target market.
But then a warning light. ‘Because it’s a concept car, there is no assurance the car will ultimately be mass-produced for retail. Nevertheless, Volvo expects many of its ideas will find their way into future cars’.

Volvo women conceptThis tells me that perhaps Volvo have no intention of designing cars specifically for women’s needs (for whatever reason), but want to be seen in that light. They want women to make the link between Volvo’s release of their concept car with ‘Volvo cares for women’. And so grow their female market? To me is just seems like another boy ploy! Maybe that’s not the case, but as a woman, I feel that Volvo is maybe not that committed to catering to me but to making me believe that they are.
Don’t tell me how much you’re listening to me (focus groups, women-only sites…) and how important my needs are to you (carefully worded press releases, window-dressing female project teams…) . SHOW ME! (in the cost-effective products you actually bring to market which speak directly to me and my specific needs).
If I’m just being neurotic or feminoid, let me know.

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