hermanI think BlogMaps – where blogs meet maps – are fantastic tools (thanks to FeedMap.net for the free service). Using BlogMap you can geo-code your blog using ordinary geographical coordinates, browse already geo-coded blogs and search for blogs. It is a great way to watch your local blog community growing, and to pick up on some like-minded local thinkers!
One of the finest “Neighblogs” I’ve discovered through my BlogMap is The Future Bank Blog – the brainchild of Herman Singh and Dave Glass.
The former recently posted an outstanding article highlighting his concerns about the future we are building for our children, in the light of the phenomenal advances we are witnessing in technology, connectivity and automation.

Herman begins the article with a poignant statement, “It struck me this week that no one under the age of 32 in this country has worked in a recession. And that everyone under the age of 16 probably has no recollection of apartheid.” We echo these sentiments in our keynote presentation, Mind The Gap, which exposes and explores the generational divide and how it affects our dealings with each other, in both professional and social circles.
He goes on to make some pretty strong statements, citing that he believes the last secretary, local area network administrator and call centre operator have all been born, and that we’ll most likely witness the extinction of hundreds of “mainstream” professions as we know them today in the relative near future.
Herman believes that we need to take stock of the societal impact of the technology juggernaut, and compensate where we can before issues become crises.
I enjoyed his article, and have added the Future Bank Blog to my list of daily reads.
Sheesh, if only all bank employees thought this way!
No offense guys!

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