Hand thru screenAn article in the Futurist magazine addresses an new way of developing / running enterprises that uses the best of the outsourcing trend, the connection economy, and connection technologies. The article ‘blurb’ says: “Information Technologies are toppling traditional hierarchical business-management systems. The new model for twenty-first century management will be extra-preneurship – virtual networks based on collaboration and self-actualisation that will add value to all current & future jobs…..”
If you would like to download the article click on the following link [be warned it is 3Mb in size] Extrapreneurship article [3Mb]. The article is 8 pages long with the following section headings:

  • Extrapreneurship
  • Outsourcing Challenges Workforces
  • Information Constipation
  • An Avalanche of Information
  • The Need to Share
  • Info-preneurship
  • Workplace Collaboration for all
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